Polish Village Music / Polska Muzyka Wiejska

I’m happy to be launching this website and getting this music out into the world. On this site there are at present 36 recordings of various iterations of bands led by Franciszek Dukla.   There are an additional eight recordings that I do not have, but I have provided links for those recordings. The transfers from the original 78’s have all been done by me, and I’m no engineer, but there you go.

Also there are a small number of recordings that have been spuriously attributed to Dukla.  I have a few of those, and maybe some day I’ll post them.  It occurs to me that some of the titles might be referring to the place called Dukla, and not the person; and yet the recording Czarny Las/Kowal Konia Kuje which Spottswood 1990 attributes to Józef Kmieć is listed under Fr. Dukla in the 1931 Victor catalog referenced.  (See the bibliography).

Also Spottswood 1990 stated that the titles on Weselny Marsz/ Węgierka Polka  “are apparently reversed”.  I’m not convinced, I’ve presented them as they are labeled; perhaps some expert can set us straight.

I welcome commentary in English or in Polish, especially if anyone has more information.

This site is dedicated to the memory of my grandmother Klotylda, born on this day in 1889.